Résumé templates for actors

Starting out in any business is always confusing.  Sometimes it’s the new “lingo” or a new writing style, how to format a Press Release or even how to prepare an advertisement. For new actors, one of your first interactions with … Continue reading

How to get an invitation to audition

Actors that are new to the business don’t have the advantage of seasoned veterans that have agents or have worked with Casting Directors.  When a project announces openings for talent there are some standard items almost everyone will request.  This … Continue reading

It's all about collaboration

You probably know what you want to say and you may even have some ideas about how you want it to look and sound. Our job is to help you bring your vision to life. Sometimes it’s a simple as polishing up a script you already have. Other times, you have the key concepts and we provide the way to craft that message into something you can not only live with, but something you’ll be proud of. Something that says or does exactly what you want.